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Shingles: Coping with the Shame

Shingles: Coping with the Shame

Look, I understand that shingles aren’t funny (isn’t funny…? Does this count as a plural noun?). I understand that shingles is/are very painful and that they/it are/is not sexually transmitted. I don’t care.

This was inspired by an old copy of The Watchtower or Awake magazine – which at one time were both distributed at transit centers by devout Jehova’s Witnesses. They had the most amazing, unintentionally (I think) bizarre illustrations and photography.

Some of my creepiest and most obnoxious sketchbook work from the 90s was adapted from these publications. I think the article was titled, “Shingles: Coping with the Pain,” but again, I do not care. I’m sorry you caught the shingles and find this offensive. I am still pretending that shingles are/is the result of shameful, depraved behavior and you can’t stop me. America!

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