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Studio Signage Upgrade!

Leveling up! My kids aware awesome. They all chipped in for Christmas and had this beautiful custom sign made for the studio. My elder son Harper’s girlfriend Anayah – an aspiring and talented artist herself – took the lead on this (she is wonderful), communicating with the fabricator throughout the process and going through a large number of backs-and-forths.

In my design career I’ve worked with a number of signage professionals, and while I myself ain’t one of ’em (I wouldn’t last a day), I’m painfully aware of how challenging it can be to get something like this done in such a spectacular manner. I mean, look at this beauty!

MKUltra Studios Signage
Cat loves it too.

Really ties the room together and adds immeasurable vibe to the creative space. Out of the box it was bright enough to melt your retinas, but after adding a dimmer to the mix, it just sits there vibing and tying like nobody’s business.

My family remains better than I deserve, but I won’t question it.

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