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Modern Medical Breakthroughs

This takes me back. I remember drawing this while we were in mixing HAD’s Primo de la Rocket Suit at Jupiter Studio in Seattle. There’s a lot of semi-downtime for the band when you got a master at the console doing his work – one Martin Feveyear, a top drawer producer, engineer and all around fellow – and I used to drag my analog sketchbook everywhere in those days. I’m trying to revive the practice – it beats the hell out of my “mobile device”.

Again, roundly immature and insensitive, and bound to offend anyone who has had or lost a loved one to cancer. But believe me when I say… mm… I got nothin’.

No wait, yes I do… I know I was (and continue to be) very jaded when it comes to how “western medicine” is carried out. I got a pretty serious disease myself – one that can kill you but more often just makes you wish you were dead. I had been through the medical wringer several times at this point and was particularly skeptical about the medical establishments reliance on pills and potions that treat the symptoms but ignore or even exacerbate the larger problem.

I’ll give em this: on the occasions that my life really was mechanically threatened by my condition, medical science came through for me in glorious fashion. That’s where they really shine – when shit hits the fan and you’re about to die, I recommend seeing a doctor. Just avoid the pills they give you afterward if you can.

So yeah, it’s satire, people, and it still holds up if you ask me. Granted, the only one asking me is me, but I deserve an answer.

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